Geocaching Can Be Fun And Healthy

Do you like to exercise? I really enjoy going out and taking a good long walk around the park. It is really nice to get out in nature and see other people enjoying a sunny day. The only problem that I have at the park is that it seems to be just walking in circles for miles. Sometimes I really want to go out and just see something different all the time.

Do you like to go hiking? I really like to go hiking. Sometimes I can get my wife and family to go out to the mountains and just hike all day. It’s really nice to get out in nature and get some good exercise. Usually, we go for a hike be for hours we have to take lots of water and snacks.

We found a way to make hiking a little more fun. My family has always liked to geocache. It was one thing to just drive around the city and look in the bushes for different geocaches. These days you can actually go geocaching on the wild.

It’s a great way to get some healthy exercise and have some fun. Although we haven’t done it as much as would like. We have seen some pretty crazy stuff. People are hiding geocaches down in case we have to go spelunking. Sometimes people hide underwater so you have to go scuba diving like in the video above. The amazing thing is that there are some people that have gone so far as to actually made kind of game of it and given prizes for people who finished the geocache first like Geo Cash.